Who We Are

Clean Power Holdings is an integrated clean energy solution platform who combine specialized knowledge, advanced technology and innovative capital to create shareholder value as we deliver More with Less -

  • More jobs, growth & innovation
  • Less pollution & resource consumption

What We Do

We acquire and develop clean power projects that we manage for higher performance on a portfolio basis. Advanced management processes, human capacity-building and IT-enabled systems are utilized to build new value.
We are positioned to take advantage of smart grid capabilities with our partners to maximize results as measured by the triple bottom line – environmental, social and financial.


In China’s fastest-changing regions, we deliver more clean energy, more efficiently, to a growing customer base.  We invest new capital and deploy new technologies to increase the local capacity of each community and its people.  We are aligned with emerging smart grid capabilities to deliver higher performance to end-users through smarter infrastructure and smart buildings.  We offer an efficient platform to our domestic and international partners who seek to grow within China’s rapidly evolving clean energy market.

Strategic Partners

Clean Power Holdings is aligned with strategic partners like Macquarie Environmental Financial Group that maximizes the value of carbon credits and other green financing solutions; and also GXED, the wholly-owned design institute subsidiary of China Southern Grid who assure we have the best possible in-country engineering, planning, R&D support as China’s domestic market goes through rapid upgrades and expansion.